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Our patrons are saying...

Kylene M

We chose to start our girls at NHELC because we love the daily consistency of having absolutely wonderful people take care of them! We also love the structure of their daily schedule which includes learning and growing so much education wise! Our family has been truly blessed to be able to send our girls to NHELC because the staff is so amazing! They are like a 2nd family to us, and we appreciate their hard work, dedication, and love for our girls! Thank you so much for everything you all do for our family!!


Julia Buohl

New Holland Early Learning Center has become family to my son and me. I can't praise the work they do for and with the children enough. They truly care about the children and their families. They accept all children in all walks of life, including children that are struggling behaviorally. My son is not always an easy child to care for, but they are awesome in working with him. They allow outside behavioral health professionals into the Center to work one on one with children and they take the recommendations of the professionals and implement them. Again I can't speak highly enough of the staff and administrators at New Holland Early Learning Center.  


Kate Drinkard

In August my son and I were both off on new adventures. I was not worried about myself; I had been in banking before, and it has always felt like old hat to me. My son, on the other hand, was starting preschool and I was struggling with more anxiety than I had ever thought possible. I had never left him with anyone but my parents. I cried all the way to my training in Harrisburg that morning. When I picked him up later that day, he told me he'd had the best day ever. I am forever grateful for the entire staff of New Holland Early Learning Center for not only helping my son learn and grow but also for helping me feel like I was doing the right thing for my child. I was very fragile in those days, and these women are truly awesome for guiding me too. Thanks so much ladies! I truly don't have the words to thank you enough.

Dawn Wade

This was my daughter's favorite place. She is in first grade now and still talks about how much she loved it here. Would highly recommend this Center to anybody looking for affordable childcare in a nurturing and Christian environment!


Casandra Proctor Miller

A wonderful place with loving people caring for your children. They make sure your kids feel special and loved. All three of my kids attended this day care & our family was blessed to be a part of their family.

Cheryl Styer 

You know your grand babies are happy there when they run up and hug the teachers first thing in the morning.

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