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Infant/Todder Education

Emphasis on quality nurturing and learning

Activities are centered around creating a reassuring rhythm to each day. Supported by healthy rules and rewards that help build the age-appropriate structure all children need, each child is assisted to grow in self-control and master basic social and personal skills.


Children are served breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Menus are posted in each classroom, and can be found on the website. Teachers eat with the children and model appropriate table manners. Children are encouraged to become self-sufficient. The goal is to provide a well-balanced, diverse, tasty meal in an atmosphere where children will want to try all the foods that are offered.

Diapers and wipes are provided up to age three.


  1. Grasshoppers: 6 weeks to 13 months (and meeting readiness criteria) 

  2. Bumblebees: One to two year old's 

  3. Ladybugs: Two to three year old's

Children will spend time outside daily,
as weather permits.
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