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Parent Resources

Here you will find trusted resource links filled with information on child early learning and development. These resources serve as your window to the enormous world of support available to you. The links offer access to countless places to explore while discovering a vast community of people just like yourself!

CrossNet Ministries

CrossNet Ministries exists to offer help and hope in the name of Jesus Christ
by empowering people in the ELANCO community

Food bank, nutrition, power packs, referral services, behavioral health, financial services & counseling, housing, poverty education.

Community Action Program of Lancaster County

Empowering community, driving action, and building partnership to eliminate poverty

Knowing that poverty is complex and its contributing factors vary, CAP is committed to creating innovative, person-centered initiatives, including social enterprise businesses, to augment our many long-standing and successful anti-poverty programs that advance the social and economic mobility of families. CAP is person-centered, outcomes-based, data-driven, and focused on greater sector impact and system changes.

Lancaster County Infant/Toddler Early Intervention

Trained professionals provide families with developmental knowledge and strategies they can use in their everyday lives that encourage their child to think, learn, move, talk, and become more independent.

Lancaster/Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13

An educational service agency dedicated to delivering irresistible services to schools and communities across the state and beyond.

Scholastic: Preparing for Preschool

Learn how you can make your child's transition as easy as A, B, C! 

Scholastic offers extensive resources on preparing for preschool and lots
of personal tips from other families that have gone through the transition. 

United Way: Born Learning Program

Helping parents turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities 

The United Way believes your child’s early years are the basic foundation
for growth and development and what they learn during those years depends
on the experiences they have each and every day.

PBS: Support for Parents and Kids

Trusted info on children's development from birth to early school years

PBS offers many ways in which a parent can help their child, from collaborating
with their teachers to communicating and then connecting with your child.

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