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Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC)

EITC is a state-operated program in which tax credits are awarded to eligible businesses that make a contribution to an approved Scholarship Organization. These funds are then distributed in the form of scholarships to income-qualifying students.

New Holland Early Learning Center Scholarship Organization is Everence Foundation (We are listed under Everence Foundation).

Designate Tax Credit dollars paid to the Everence Foundation to be designated for the New Holland Early Learning Center.

How do I know if my business is eligible?

Any business authorized to do business in the Commonwealth of PA and pays any of the following taxes is eligible.*

  • Personal income tax of S-corp shareholders or partnership partners

  • Corporate net income tax

  • Capital stock/foreign franchise tax

  • Bank shares tax

  • Title insurance & trust company shares tax

  • Insurance premiums tax (excluding surplus lines, unauthorized, domestic/foreign marine)

  • Mutual thrift tax

  • Malt beverage tax

  • Retaliatory fees under section 212 of the insurance company law of 1921


*    Such business firms include pass-through entities and special purpose pass-through entities.

How much tax credit may my business receive through the tax credit contribution?

Pre-K: A business may receive a tax credit of 100% for the first $10,000 contributed to a Pre-K scholarship organization during the taxable year and may receive a tax credit of 90% of any additional amount contributed during the taxable year up to a maximum of $200,000 per taxable year. 

Business Application Timeline

  • May 15: Business applicants who have fulfilled their 2-year commitment and wish to reapply.

  • July 1: All other businesses including initial applicants wishing to submit an additional application on top of their previously submitted
    2-year commitment.

             Five easy steps

  1. Confirm with your accountant that your business is eligible to participate.

  2. Contact Nikki Shingle, Director of Charitable Relations, at Everence Foundation for additional information.
        Phone: 717/653-6662
        (The Everence Foundation is a state approved
        scholarship organization that serves the New     
        Holland Early Learning Center. Designate all or        some of the tax credit dollars paid to the
        Everence Foundation to be designated for the 
        New Holland Early Learning Center.)


  3. Applications must be submitted online, using the DCED’s single application for assistance.

  4. Once approved, your business has 60 days to submit your contribution to Everence Foundation, an approved scholarship organization. Please make checks payable to Everence Foundation and mail to:
        Everence Foundation
        Attention: Nikki Shingle
        960 E. Main St.
        Mount Joy, PA 17552


  5. Upon receiving your contribution, the Foundation will provide a receipt letter which should then be submitted to DCED in order to receive your tax credits.

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