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Our Classes

New Holland Early Learning Center serves children 6 weeks old through 3rd grade. Each classroom strives to meet the needs of the children in their care by offering them activities that enhance their learning through play and educational experiences.

The New Holland Early Learning Center strives to be a diverse community. The Center celebrates and welcomes families from all ethnicities, cultures, beliefs and all social and economic backgrounds as well as children with varying needs. The children, staff, and board represent a variety of cultures around the world.

At the New Holland Early Learning Center, we not only teach the children Bible stories, prayers, Bible songs and character building but we incorporate faith into everything we do. By example, we teach the children about Christ’s love and his ever-present, ever-saving grace. Each week we have Bible lessons and projects. In our classrooms we pray together and learn songs about the Bible and Jesus.


Many staff speak Spanish, so Spanish language is included in the classroom curriculum at each age level. Children have the opportunity to learn Spanish words, songs, and finger plays. They also hear Spanish language stories as well as Latin American music. Our cook strives to provide varying ethnic meals. We embrace the many cultures among us and welcome the opportunity to learn about different countries. Children whose first language is not English will be supported in the classroom by using their primary language, gestures, communication devices and/or sign language as needed


Social and Emotional Learning, Challenges and Successes

At the New Holland Early Learning Center, each child is viewed as a unique individual. The Center strives to meet each child where they are at and to raise them up to a higher level of understanding and learning. The Center collaborates with the office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) to provide Early Childhood education to infants, toddlers, preschool, and school-age children with varying physical, mental or behavioral needs. There is an emphasis on social and emotional learning in the classes and focus on these skills as children are prepared for further academic learning. The Center walks with families through academic and behavioral challenges, offering knowledge and assistance in the matters that they face. Assistant Director Jen is available to accompany parents to appointments for IU13 and behavioral health when requested. The Center's ultimate goal is to prepare all children for success at the Center, in their homes and communities, and in their future lives.

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