Our Mission Partners

NHELC and our partners strive towards a community where working parents are supported, children reach their full potential and education is individualized to meet the needs of every child

Mennonite Education Agency (MEA) walks alongside Mennonite educational institutions, early childhood through continuing education, providing resources, programming and support to Mennonite schools and teachers empowering them to continue the life transforming work of Mennonite education. MEA ties church and school together that they may maintain a mutually edifying identity.  Visit their page at http://www.mennoniteeducation.org/.

CrossNet Ministries provides programs in the area of Youth, Food & Nutrition, Social Services, and Community. The programs focus on two areas: empower people to build their resources, and develop relationships to see lives changed by Jesus Christ.  Visit their page at https://elancocross.org/.

New Holland Mennonite Church founded the New Holland Early Learning Center as a supportive ministry created to help strengthen families within the New Holland community. Since New Holland Early Learning Center's founding, the New Holland Mennonite Church has provided ongoing support to NHELC’s outreach ministry, as both organizations maintain their commitment to expressing God’s love to the community’s children and their familiesVisit their website at https://www.newhollandmc.org/

PA Keystone STARS is an initiative of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) to improve, support, and recognize the continuous quality improvement efforts of early learning programs in Pennsylvania.  Visit their page at http://www.pakeys.org/.

Early Childhood Innovative Connections was founded in the summer of 2012 by a group of dedicated early childhood education professionals in northern Lancaster County.  They work hard to make sure that our next generation of leaders gets off to a great start by connecting their participating centers and supporters for the benefit of all.  Visit their page at http://www.ecinnovativeconnections.org/.

Our Community Partners

Individuals, businesses and local organizations modeling how you can also support our vital ministry to children...

The Re-Uzit Shop of New Holland - Serving in the name of Christ by reusing donated items to benefit people locally and globally

Re-Uzit partners with Mennonite ministries in our community to to work towards their mission goals Visit their website at http://www.newhollandreuzit.org/

Goodville Mutial Casualty Company

Following their Mennonite foundation, Goodville Mutual supports local ministries in the community to build a strong support system for their neighbors. Visit their website at https://www.goodville.com/

M&T Bank - Understanding what's important

Our local branch supports NHELC because "We only succeed when our communities succeed."  - Robert G. Wilmers (1934-2017) Visit their website at https://www.mtb.com/home-page

Our Event Sponsors

Individuals, businesses and local organizations showing their support by participating in NHELC events.

Ridgeview Mennonite Church

The members of Ridgeview Mennonite Church believe in supporting Mennonite Education and community organizations. Visit their website at https://www.ridgeviewmennonite.net/

Conestoga Mennonite Church

The members of Conestoga Mennonite Church believe in ​sharing God's love and truth with others and helping those in need​. Visit their website at https://www.ridgeviewmennonite.net/

Box Tops-Earns cash for Center for more info visit 


Yoder's Country Market-Community Rewards-Earns cash for Center for more info visit http://www.mycommunityrewards.com/index.php?sponsor_id=5.

Lifetouch-Picture Day Portraits for more info visit http://lifetouch.com/preschool/.

Amazon Smile-Earns cash for center Please click on this link http://smile.amazon.com/ch/23-2158199 to begin shopping with Amazon and Amazon will donate 0.5% to our center. 


Giant-A+ School Rewards-Earns cash for center Please click on this link https://giantfoodstores.com/savings-and-rewards/rewards-program/aplus/ to begin earning for the center.