NHELC Parent's Resources
helps provide our parents with trusted
resource links filled with information on your
child's early learning and development.

These resources serve as your window to the enormous world of support
available to you. The links offer access to countless places to explore while
discovering a vast community of persons just like yourself!

The Center for Parenting Education

A resource to help parents do the best job they can to raise their children 


This online resource offers a comprehensive range of programs throughout
the parenting life cycle, including educational workshops, personal parenting
coaching, print material including a newsletter, a lending library,
programs, articles and live educational workshops.


Child Care Aware of America

Working to advance affordability, accessibility, development and learning


Child Care Aware provides information, referrals, tools and resources to families,
with a special emphasis on serving vulnerable and special populations, including
refugees and asylees, military families and low-income families. 


PBS; Support for Parents and Kids

Trusted info on children's development from birth to early school years


PBS offers many ways in which a parent can help their child; from collaborating
with their teachers to communicating and then connecting with your child. 

Scholastic; Preparing for Preschool

Learn how you can make your child's transition as easy as A, B, C! 


Scholastic offers extensive resources on preparing for preschool and lots
of personal tips from other families that have gone through the transition. 


United Way; Born Learning Program

Helping parents turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities 


The United Way believes your child’s early years are the basic foundation
for growth and development and what they learn during those years depends
on the experiences they have each and every day. 

Illinois Early Learning Project

A source of evidence-based information on early care and education  


Videos filmed in preschool, child care, and home settings show how various
objectives can be met, along with easy-to-read one-page resources on a variety
of topics of interest to parents of young children and are all available in both
English and Spanish. 

For you to share with your child -