Our caring staff; dedicated, thoughtful and supportive

NHELC's Administration and Staff Gallery 


Our staff truly enjoy teaching your kids every day, creating security in stable 
and consistent routines, providing supportive care that develops trust. 


Meet our staff members...  

Scroll through our staff bio-briefs below and discover your child’s teacher 
or care-giver; learn how their experience has prepared them to help children
accept differences in themselves and in others and become proficient in the
social skills of respect, empathy and tolerance - abilities that last a lifetime. 


Each teacher or care-giver helps kids understand how to share with others, 

solve practical and relational problems, get along with and make new friends, 
and while they learn exciting “grownup” skills, they are also having fun!


Don't forget to scroll through our gallery above to view our staff having fun with the children!!!  



Wanda Gonzalez-Bortzel
Executive Director

Wanda grew up in Brooklyn, NY and spent her teenage years in Carraizo, PR.  She graduated from Goshen College with a BA in Hispanic Ministries and lives in New Holland with her husband, Mike. Wanda loves to spend time with her grandchildren and believes children are a blessing because they teach us how to love unconditionally.

Jen Morales
Assistant Director

Jen was born and raised in East Earl and graduated from Garden Spot High School. She earned her Child Development Associate Credential and is currently enrolled in Early Care and Education at Harrisburg Area Community College. Jen has worked at the center for 27 years and has a passion for working with children that have diagnoses. She currently lives in New Holland with her husband, Everardo, three children; Karina, Kylah and Evan, four fur babies; Freddy, Fanta, Misty and Mia, Everardo’s niece, Ashly and her son Francisco. Her favorite thing about working with children is their innocence and acceptance.

Tina Hanson
Program Coordinator

Before starting work here in January 2019, Tina worked in the catering industry for 12 years planning events/weddings with regards to menus, decor, and staffing. She resides in New Holland with her husband, Bill, and 2 children, Emilynn and Orion. She graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Professional Studies with minors in Education and Psychology and, with having children of her own, needed a change of pace to better utilize her degree. Tina has a love for making people smile whether it be through making a meal, telling a funny joke, or giving a helpful hand. 

Dawn Ranck Hower
New Holland Mennonite Church Pastor

Pastor Dawn lives in New Holland with her husband Bryan, a rescue dog Molly, and three cats. She loves to visit classrooms and chat with children and staff. She enjoys hosting Coffee-to-Go on Wednesdays for parents and staff from 6:15-8:30 a.m. Stop by her office any time to say hi, chat, or for prayer.

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Chayo Ambriz
Menu Planning and Meal Preparation

Rosario, fondly known as “Chayo”, grew up in Mexico and lives in New Holland with her husband Froylan and two children Jair and Miryam.  She enjoys providing healthy nutritional diets filled with a wide variety of foods and flavors.  Her favorite thing about working with children is teaching them about diversity of cultures thorough the foods enjoyed by different cultures.

Dottie Leisey
Grasshoppers Lead Teacher

Dottie grew up in New Holland and graduated from Garden Spot High School and has her Child Development Associates Credential.  She has worked at the center for more than 30 years.  Dottie lives in New Holland with her husband, Brad, and her dog, Sparks. One of her favorite things about working with infants is rocking and cuddling them; she enjoys watching them grow into friendly, outgoing young adults.

Tracy Messner
Grasshoppers Teacher

Tracy was born and raised in New Holland where she attended Garden Spot High School.  She brings over 5 years of experience in the childcare field to NHELC’s infant class.  Tracy’s favorite thing about working with the children is seeying the children’s excitement when learning new things.

Liliana Carvajal
BumbleBees Lead Teacher

Liliana grew up in Cali, Columbia and has her associates degree in Early Childhood Education from Penn Foster.  She lives in New Holland with her husband, Freddy, and has two sons, Juan and Santiago.  Her favorite thing about working with children is learning from them, laughing with them and watching them grow.

Karen Nolt
BumbleBees Teacher

Karen grew up in New York, Florida, Arizona, and New Holland.  She graduated from Garden Spot High School and attended Northampton Community College.  She has worked at the center for 15+ years and lives in Gap and has two sons, Austin and Bailey.  Her favorite thing about working with children is having fun with them and knowing that every day is different.

Iliana Martin
Ladybugs Lead Teacher

Iliana grew up in Guatemala and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education.  She lives in New Holland with her husband, Lynn, daughter, Marjory, and dogs, Mocha and Snowball.  Iliana's favorite thing about working with children is seeing them learn and show kindness.

Tammy Snader
Ladybugs Teacher

Tammy was raised here in New Holland and has continued to attend the New Holland Mennonite Church with her family including her 2 children, Danika and Riley. She has been working here for 2 years and is currently pursuing her degree in Human Development and Family Studies. Tammy's favorite thing about working with children is getting to kid herself with them and seeing their personalities grow. 

Gwen Stoltzfus
Dragonflies Lead Teacher

Gwen was born and raised in Gap where she attended Faith Mennonite High School.  She earned her Child Development Associates Credential with a Pre-School Endorsement and has served in the center for over 20 years. Gwen loves reading and collecting children's books and in her free time enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews. 

Dragonflies Co-Teacher

Brittany lives in Ephrata with her husband, Hunter, 4 dogs, and 13 reptiles.  She attended Garden Spot High School, earned her Degree in Early Childhood Education from Harrisburg Area Community College, and has been working here since 2013.  On her free time, Brittany enjoys time with her family, traveling with her husband, and exploring the outdoors. She has a love for both animals and children and enjoys spending quality time and helping in the development of all age groups. 

Lisa Good 
Fireflies Teacher

Lisa has been working with children since finishing high school; she worked here at the center for 13 years before staying at home with her sons as they grew up. Her family consists of her Husband, Sean, and their now 2 young men, Noah and Jake. Together, Lisa and her family love enjoying the outdoors by hunting, fishing, hiking, and exploring! After being a stay-at-home mom and then an emotional teacher for 12 years, we are happy to have Lisa back and she is truly enjoying her position in the 4 year old classroom!

Butterflies Lead Teacher
Cindy Stauffer

Miss Cindy is happily married to Todd Stauffer since 1992 and has 3 grown sons, one daughter, 3 grandsons and a boxer named Molly.  She lives in New Holland and attends Petra Church.  Miss Cindy has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Edu. and has taught at Headstart, homeschooled her children, and taught at NHELC since 2015.

Audrian Weaver
Katydids & Cicadas Teacher ; Chapel Coordinator

Audrian Weaver is 21 years old and lives in Brownsville Pa. She went to Hinkletown Mennonite School, Brecknock Elementary, then to Garden Spot High  School. She enjoys working with children. This past year she lived in Jamaica and Africa as a Missionary working with all age groups, from infants to teenagers, to adults. She is beyond excited to be getting married in April of 2020! She is currently going to school for Early Childhood Education; working with the children at the center since June 2019 has really sparked her interest even more. She looks forward to growing and building relationships with each and every single one of the kids and their parents. 

Lydia Stoltzfus
On Call Teacher and Office Assistant

Lydia grew up in New Holland and graduated from Garden Spot High School. She lives with her husband and loves working with children. She loves helping them reach their potential. 

Karina Morales
Butterflies & Grasshoppers Teacher

Karina was born and raised in New Holland and is currently attending Harrisburg Area Community College majoring in Biology. She lives with her parents Everardo and Jen and her siblings, Kylah and Evan.

Maddie Messner
Floating Teacher

Maddie went to Garden Spot High School, went County Technology Center for childcare, and is currently going for her Associate's in Early Childhood Education. Her mom, Tracy, works in the Grasshoppers infant classroom and she has 1 older brother and 1 younger brother. Maddie's favorite thing about working with children is watching them learn and grow!

Courtney Kurtz
Fireflies Teacher

Courtney has her Associate's from Pennsylvania College of Technology and has been teaching since 2009. She lives in Denver, PA with her husband, Karl, and 4 kids. Courtney loves helping the children learn new things and them teaching her a few things themselves!

Britney Good
Fireflies Assistant Teacher

Britney Good is a single mother and lives for her family. She's aspiring to become the best she can be as a mother, teacher, family, and friend. She has a goal to become an advocate for children growing up in adverse situations. She Loves creating in life, and enjoys music, art, and video games! 

Alexis Supplee
On Call Floating Teacher

Alexis attended Ephrata Area High School and participated in Early Childhood Education at Lancaster County Career and Technology Center in Mount Joy. She lives with her father, Corey, and  brother, Dante. Alexis' favorite thing about working with children is that she can always go from class to class and put a big smile on their faces.

Eleanor Zurlo
On Call Floating Teacher

Eleanor has a big family consisting of herself and daughter, her sister who has 2 daughters, and her 2 brothers. She has always knew she wanted to work with kids and, therefore, has been babysitting since she was 12 years of age.